The most interresting pictures I usually take “by accident”, and by that I mean I didn’t know that the moment or subject would be there. This time I was going to bring my cat inside the house for the evening because it was getting late. He was busy though, looking for something interresting in the grass, so I tried to get his attention by picking up a small piece of moss from the ground.

under en bit mossa

Little did I know that there was a spiders nest in that piece of moss, and the spider mother was sitting still on top of it, looking me straight in the eyes, trying to figure out how much of a threat I was. At that moment I also noticed two or three baby spiders crawling on top of the nest, and I just had to go and get the camera to try and get a nice picture.

under en bit mossa2.jpg

The mother must have thought I was posing a serious threat though, because when I came back with the camera, I found her hiding in the web, and her babies were nowhere to be found. I guess she probably had them inside the nest behind her to protect them. It would have been an amazing shot if I had caught them at the first moment, the mother on top of the nest with her babies. But I am also pretty happy with what I got, a tiny mother zebra spider hiding in her own web. 🙂


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