There are some objects and scenes I believe most amateur photographers (like myself) think are almost mandatory to try and frame with a nice shot. For me, the dandelion is one of those must-shoot-objects. It was actually a bit harder than I thought to get a nice picture of the dandelion and most of my shots turned out really dull or messy. One of the best pictures I managed to take was this (see picture below), but I had to alter the colours in the background to a soft blend of blue and green, instead of it’s original yellow-greyish, to make it a little more pleasing and interresting to look at.


I also think this photo (see picture below) in black and white was kinda pretty, and I really like how the background (unintendedly) follows the rounded soft outline of the dandelion.


As a bonus picture of the day, I found another (!) jumping spider eating a fly on the same wall as the one I found yesterday. Please see picture below, and I want to say I am sorry to anyone who might be arachnofobic. ❤


If you didn’t see my first picture of a jumping spider you can see it HERE.

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