Landscapes and skies · Rainbow

All about rainbows

When I think back over the years I don’t recall seeing many complete rainbows, and what I mean by that is beeing able to se the whole rainbow from on end all the way to the other. In the latest couple of years I’ve seen many though, which I find kinda strange. They are usually not only complete but also very clear, where I have seen two and sometimes three arcs closely together.

Rainbow over a poppyfield

I love rainbows, and enjoy the thought about there being something mysterious about them. I’m sure most have heard tales about how treasures can be found at the end of the rainbow.

A beautiful rainbow where the yellow field and blue sky match the colors of Sweden

I always try to cease every opportunity to get a nice photo when there is chance of a rainbow. I’m really proud of what I got so far, but still always looking for more beautiful moments to capture. My dream is a rainbow over a bridge over a lake… *drool-smiley*

Straight lines leading up to the arcs
Flowers & insects

A new beginning

The start of a new year, a new beginning for all beauty and possibilities. I’ve been shooting the same flowers as last year, but with new experience and angles, with the same yet different eyes on the subject. Life is a constant cycle, in which everyone has an opportunity to differentiate his or hers own participation and meaning.

Anyway, here are some of my close ups of springflowers in 2019 🙂

Portraits · Street

My first time in New York

This summer I went to New York the first time. I actually loved the city with it’s amazing atmosphere, kind people and beauty. I’ll share some of my photos here, I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted to shoot but still pretty happy with some of them. Please feel free to tell me what you think about them, good or bad.

IMG_5004 ESB och BoA
Looking up at the Empire State Building

The characteristic yellow cabs easily found in every street

Meet Louise Mendes who I got a photo of outside the B&H store

IMG_4772 NY18_2
These two pedestrians lined up perfectly with the paintings on the wall behind them! :-O

An unknown model inside New York Public Library

Manhattan viewed from the Staten Island ferry

Another busy street at an intersection

Beautiful and crowded Central Park

The “mandatory” picture of the Statue of Liberty

That’s all for now, I might upload some more photos from New York in a later post.


Landscapes and skies

Amazing summer skies

The last couple of weeks the colors in the sky have been truly amazing. I often find it hard to take a photo that resembles my experience of what I see. These few photos though, I think are quite accurate in terms of color and composition of what I saw.

I will however try again this evening with my Samyang 14 mm wide angle lens to see if I can capture even more of the experience. These photos were taken with Canon’s 50 & 100 mm.